Usage Information

There are many ways to use Google Calendar to your benefit. Here are a list of ways and steps to get the most out of your usage.

Subscribe: To subscribe to this Google Calendar, simply scroll to the bottom and click the +Google Calendar button. When you do this Google will direct you to your own calendar and give you the option to select which calendars to subscribe to. You can deselect the ones you will not use. 

Print: To print this calendar, simply click the down arrow beside the print button (at the top right of the calendar). Deselect which calendars you do not want to print, then click the print button. You can then change the date range and change whether you want color or black and white. You can then chose to print or save it to your computer.

Online viewing: To view this calendar online, simply save this page as a bookmark in your browser, and come back to it at anytime.

TCYA has the right to modify and change any event details at any time. We will try to notify the users of any changes as soon as we are aware. Thank you for your patience.